Seyi Akinwunmi: ‘I know the road for me in football has not ended’

The Chairman of the Lagos State Football Association and the former 1st Vice President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi, has opened up after losing the election to become the president of the NFF last week Friday.

Akinwunmi said that he would continue to support football and help the youths to grow in the round leather game just to further confirm his football first campaign for the NFF elections.

He said: ‘Let me start by saying the dream epitomised by the ‘Football First’ campaign is not dead.

I know the road for me in football has not ended, especially with the messages I have received from the football fraternity including my competitors, that has actually been very humbling and in a sense fulfilling.

Youth development is part of my DNA and I will not turn my being away from that.

‘One good thing that has emerged especially after the elections is that the “FOOTBALL FIRST” Strategic Development Plan put together by my BSA for NFF President Campaign team has emerged along with the 10-year Football Masterplan as the blueprint for football development in Nigeria, going forward. In addition, I remain a vital and relevant player in driving this football development, one way or the other.

‘I am very relaxed about the outcome of the election. To shake the table as we have done despite the forces and funding that were against us gives me hope for the future of the game.’

Akinwunmi stressed that he was grateful to God for seeing him through the electioneering days in which so many risks were taken on the road and in the air to meet with the delegates.

‘We thank God that although it has been a gruelling couple of months for my campaign team and I traversing the country, we encountered no illness nor accident. I leave everything in the hands of God, He knows best.’


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