AIU warns athletes on use of supplements

The Athletics Integrity Unit, AIU, has warned athletes on the use of supplements. Sports supplements are pills, powders, or drinks used to build muscles , lose weight, or improve endurance. Athletes all over the world use supplements for recovery after a workout and many who violated World Athletics’ anti-doping rules always say the supplements they have taken must have been contaminated. The AIU has continued to warn athletes that excuse cannot fly as they are responsible for whatever is found in their system. The body has gone a step further to educate athletes on the use of supplements. In one of such on its Twitter handle, the AIU warns extra care must be taken by athletes when buying supplements. “Thinking of buying #supplements online?
Always take extra care as standards are not universally adhered to and products may well not contain what they claim to,” the AIU twitted and advised athletes to always take their supplements and medications with them wherever they go. ‘If you are travelling, beware that the same brand names can have very different ingredients in different places.
Travel with your own medication and, if you need to get more, always check labels for banned ingredients.’

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