Dr. Tartaro: It’s a miracle Osimhen is able to play again

Surgeon says Nigerian can rejoin Napoli on Wednesday for training

Gian Paolo Tartaro, a specialist in plastic and maxillofacial surgery who operated on Victor Osimhen after the injury he suffered during the Inter vs Napoli game at the end of November says the Nigerian has been cleared to play after the re-evaluation of the surgery on Tuesday.

Dr. Tartaro said on a radio programme in Napoli after the surgery that the 22 year old can return to Luciano Spalletti’s squad as early as this Wednesday.

“For me Victor Osimhen has recovered from his fracture. The visit was positive. From tomorrow he will resume training in the group, but I don’t know when we will see him again on the pitch, this depends on his feelings”.

“We must consider that he has not played an official match since November 21. What I can say with certainty is that until the 31st of march, he will play with the carbon mask, then it will be re-evaluated “.

Osimhen, as evidenced by the surgeon, “is the only footballer in the world to play with so many plates and screws in his face. We have worked a true miracle. For this miracle we must not only thank me and my team, but also and above all the boy, who behaved like an exemplary professional throughout the post-operative period.

”Finally, it must also be said that he is very physically gifted. Thanks to his physical structure, his commitment and our work, we were able to solve a truly disastrous situation ā€¯Concluded Doctor Tartaro, at the end of the radio interview.

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