Three Pilot Sisters Register For Lagos Women Run

November 12 event hits new height for seventh edition

As the build-up to the 2022 edition of the Lagos Women Run continues, the November 12 road race is primed for new heights that would be the talk of the town for a long time.

The coordinator for the event, Tayo Popoola, while reeling out some of the plans for the 2022 edition, assured it will not just be remarkable, but a memorable edition.

According to her, a lot has gone into the preparation for the 2022 edition of the Lagos Women Run and she is confident it will be a spectacle for all to enjoy.

She said: ”One of the great things this year is that women from different professional backgrounds are coming out.

”We are seeing women who are passionate about their jobs, their health, their well-being and are saying let’s come together to celebrate ourselves.

While there have been multiple entries from women in the corporate, fashion, entertainment industries and beyond, many are particularly delighted with the registration of three sister pilots for this year’s race.

The famous Makinde siblings, Oluwafunmilayo, Oluwaseun and Mopelola, who took after their father to become pilots, have all registered for the race.

Oluwafunmilayo Makinde-Marcus, while speaking to journalists, said she and her sisters are excited about the Lagos Women Run concept.

She said: “We are quite prepared. It’s just for love, for understanding, for encouragement, it’s no competition, it’s just to encourage each other and women around us.

“Anything to encourage women to let them understand that they can do better and be better, is something that I always want to be part of.” She added.

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