World Athletics Slams Belarus Athletic Federation With Ban

For aiding and abetting Russia's war on Ukraine

The World Athletics Council agreed Thursday to apply sanctions on the Belarus Athletic Federation while Russia’s war on Ukraine, aided and abetted by Belarus, continues.

These sanctions include:

– No hosting of any international or European athletics events, which includes World Athletics Series, one-day meetings and other international competitions;

– No representation at Congress or in decisions which require Congressional votes;

– No accreditation to attend any World Athletics Series events, including the World Athletics Indoor Championships Belgrade 22 and the World Athletics Championships Oregon22;

– No involvement of Federation personnel in any official World Athletics development or professional programmes.

These sanctions will take immediate effect and continue for the foreseeable future.

Our one-day meetings and tours are discussing the exclusion of Russian Authorised Neutral Athletes (ANA) and Belarusian athletes from their meetings ahead of their events beginning in the next couple of months. World Athletics is confident that these meetings will adopt the same approach that the World Athletics Council has taken.

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