Akinwunmi insists ‘local’ coach is best for Super Eagles

The former 1st Vice President of the Nigeria Football Federation and the Chairman of the Lagos State Football Association, Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi, has said that a

Nigerian is the best suitable person to handle the Super Eagles.

Akinwunmi noted that any Nigerian with the expected qualification and knowledge of the game just as a foreign coach should have an edge.

He noted that the Nigerian mentality in the Nigerian coach is always going to be an edge for any Super Eagles coach.

Akinwunmi said: ‘We have argued this over and over again. There is a big issue of what to be paid and also the foreign currency issue but truth is when we have a

Nigerian with the same pedigree as the foreign handler, all we need to do is to trust the coach and support him to get it right with time.

‘No foreign coach will know Nigeria or our players better than a Nigerian coach. That is the way forward and the earlier we embrace this the better for us.

‘If we have Nigerians with the same degree, same certificate with the expatriates, the choice must be the Nigerian because that edge of his background will always work

for the country in the end.’

The football administrator and philanthropist refused to mention names of the prospective Nigerian coaches but insisted that it was important to look inwards in the

overall interest of the game.

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